Box trailers and curtain trailers for break bulk/pallet loads

We transport all forms of break bulk/pallet loads on our curtain trailers. Curtain trailers have sliding roofs, which makes it possible to load with a crane from above. It is possible to move tarpaulin for loading of long goods from the side of the trailer.
We also have box trailers for goods transport. Box trailers are best for fragile goods like furniture or wine.
All our curtain trailers and box trailers respond to standard specifications for transport in Europe.

If you need to transport temperature sensitive break bulk - we can offer this kind of transport too.
You can read more about our refrigerator and freezer trailers here
We ensure high level security during transport. Our trucks have GPS monitoring and we can always follow them. Furthermore our trucks have automatic emergency braking system, automatic range radar and power plug for tailgate lifting and others.
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Technical info

  • Fulloads
  • Sliding roofs
  • Removable tarpaulin
  • Curtain trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Transport in Europe