Uninsulated tanktrailers tank transport

Our tanks are used for transport of biodiesel and other fuel products, like for example used frying oil.
Biodiesel is produced from animal fats, which are waste. Reusing animal fats is one part of a green transformation, where waste products are reused and resources are used in full.

We are transporting biodiesel from a biodiesel plant to a storage tank in a refinery. In refinery biodiesel is mixed with a normal diesel, then it is transported in tanks to the tank stations throughout the country.
Svendsen Transport ApS is situated central in relation to producers of biodiesel and refineries, which are receiving biodiesel. That means saving fuel for transport.
We are not transporting food in our ordinary tanks. Tanks for ordinary transport have capacity from 30 to 50 m2.

Our tanks are transporting goods throughout Europe, more often Western Europe: Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain. We are driving in the Northern region: Sweden, Norway, Finland and of course in Denmark - Jutland, Eastern Jutland and around Horsens town.
We ensure high level security during transport. Our trucks have GPS monitoring and we can always follow them. Furthermore our trucks have automatic emergency braking system, automatic range radar and power plug for tailgate lifting and others.
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Technical info

  • Regular tank transport
  • Oil products
  • Volume 30 - 50 m2
  • Transporting goods throughout Europe
  • Central location